Spend more time with your loved ones in the forest!

Our relationships make our lives valuable. The Forest Guardians are here to help you strengthen those relationships, making life worth living!

Enjoy the special life moments together!

Time passes quickly, and so does our lives. We’re constantly on the go, caught up in the hustle and bustle. There’s always something urgent demanding our attention. Unfortunately, in the midst of it all, we often forget about time. The most important people in our lives understand that we’re short on time. But is that really what we want? Pushing our loved ones aside for “important” tasks! They don’t complain or whine. What remains in the end? You were always busy, never having time! Is that the life you want?

We want to help you finally take the time for your loved ones. Our offer is to provide you with a program where you can spend quality time with those you love without missing out on life. We call it the Forest Guardians. With the Forest Guardians! it’s about spending time together in nature. You’ll receive quests, be rewarded with experience points, and level up. Naturally, you’ll be able to enjoy your relationship without distractions!

Sharing some personal experiences with my loved ones:

I’d like to introduce you to a few people in my life who have played a special role for me. There are some experiences from the past, some current adventures, and many future journeys!

  • My Grandpa: He shared his experiences with me and accompanied me on my steps in the forest and on the field. We didn’t need expensive events; instead, we sought out and shared projects around the farm and the woods.
  • My Mom: She gave me the freedom to implement my ideas and let me just be. Especially in our home garden, I could experiment and explore.
  • My Dad: He made it possible for me to join the Scouts as a Scout leader, igniting a passion in me that I still chase today. He continues to be by my side with advice and gave me insight into the importance of outdoor adventures for young people.
  • My Wife: She is my companion on all the adventures life brings. Experiencing her perspective on nature is enriching, and we enjoy exchanging thoughts on it.
  • My Son: I look forward to spending time in nature with him. Currently, he may not fully grasp his fortune yet!

What is hidden behind the Forest Guardians?

Have you ever played World of Warcraft or Dungeon & Dragons? The concept of leveling up isn’t unfamiliar to you? Well, then, this will be an exciting combination for you. The Forest Guardians are a blend of scouts, woodland adventures, and familiar elements from board games or video games. It’s not just a stroll in the woods; it’s more like embarking on a quest into nature!


What do computer games, board games, and mobile games have in common?

They all give you quests and plenty of rewards. You can pursue objectives and collaborate along the way.

As Forest Keepers, you receive a logbook with quests and loads of fantastic rewards!


Our Forest Keepers still need their hero’s cape—the first equipment for their adventures. Just like Harry Potter receives his cloak and wand, and Frodo takes his sword and receives a Mithril chainmail, we, too, want to take our equipment.

Our attire is that of the scouts. We will embark on the adventure as scouts!


What do Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars have in common?

They are all on a journey and aim to reach a destination. It’s the same with the Forest Keepers. We are on a journey, and you are the hero in the spotlight! You write your own story with the forest. Your goal? Shape the forest of the future.

Discover more about me, Jowi, the mind behind the Forest Guardians.

I’m Jowi, a nickname I’ve had since the 2nd grade. My parents took me outdoors a lot as a child. We were part of the Scouts, and we spent time at my Grandma and Grandpa’s farm. I saw and learned a lot during those times.

Then came a phase in my life where I spent a lot of time playing PC games. I remember the games, but the specifics are hardly worth mentioning. We played. After that, I went to the USA for a year abroad. When I returned, I quickly finished high school and moved out.

I studied in Eberswalde at the University for Sustainable Development,(Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde) HNEE for short. There, I became a forester (B.Sc.), hunter, forest educator, and agricultural manager (M.Sc.). In short, I’m pretty well-versed in nature by now.

My passion is sharing my enthusiasm for nature and seeing families grow. I’ve recently become a father, which adds a new perspective to everything. With the Forest Guardians, I want to create a program for my children. A program that I would have loved as a child.

SOMEDAY Never Comes – So don’t postpone it!

Don’t push spending time with your loved ones too far into the future. Don’t wait until tomorrow, take action today. Because you never know what tomorrow brings.

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